What a Difference a Year Makes

Property Sold Units Sold List Price Average List Price Median Sale Price Average Sale Price Median Total Price
February 2016 1303 $394,553 $299,900 $370,412 $290,000 $482,198,230
February 2017 901 $416,247 $315,000 $396,117 $300,500 $355,712,777
1-year Change -30.85% 5.50% 5.04% 6.94% 3.62% -26.23%

Broward single family home sales in February 2016 and February 2017

I love numbers. They help to understand real estate value and see changes that are happening. Lets look and compare what happened in Broward house market in February 2016 and 2017. Sold single family homes decreased by almost 31 %. Houses were sold faster this year- average days on the market in 2016 was 88 days to compare with 62 average days on the market in year 2017. Prices increased about 4% to 7% all across. So, to compare with the same period last year, houses in Broward were sold for more money and faster.

The numbers I used to make this table were taken from the Greater Fort Lauderdale MLS. These numbers are reliable but not guaranteed.

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