Florida’s Colleges Ranking 2017 According to Forbes

Florida's Colleges Ranking 2017, According to Forbes. _denapoligroup_
Nova Southeastern University is in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

According to annual FORBES America’s Top College rankings, the No.1 best college is Harvard University. I don’t think anyone is surprised with this. The No.2 is Stanford University. And No.3 is Yale University.

To view the full list for America’s Top Colleges 2017 here.

I took information from this list about the best colleges in Florida. Here is what I learned – that are 22 colleges in Florida that are on Forbes list for America’s Best College.

The best college in sunshine state is University of Florida, and it is No.80 on America’s Best College Rankings List. My alma mater Florida International University is No.450 on Forbes list.

Florida's Colleges Ranking 2017 According to Forbes. _denapoligroup_
Florida’s Colleges Ranking 2017 According to Forbes


Do college rankings really mean anything when picking which school to attend? What do you think?