First Day of Fall

First Day of Fall. Blog_denapoligroup by Brigita DeNapoli

Summer of 2017 is officially over. Today is Friday, September 22nd, and it is the last day of summer. Temperature will get colder and nights will get longer.

We my not feel the temperature change, but it is coming here. It is still hot here, in South Florida, during the day. The temperature is in high 80s and feels like in high 90s most of the days. But the fall is coming n matter what.

Today’s autumn equinox marks the last day of this summer and first day of fall for anyone in Northern Hemisphere. During the equinox , the day and night are the same length which is 12 hours each.

According to United States Naval Observatory (USNO), 2017 autumn equinox takes place on September 22 at 4:02 EDT. This US Navy website conveys precises astronomical data for defense, commercial and civilian applications.