State Road 7/ US-441 Roadway Construction in Hollywood, FL

ST RT 7 Road Construction in Hollywood
State Road 7 / US -441 roadway construction in Hollywood, FL

While living in South Florida, we do enjoy a very nice weather all year round. Is is mostly worm and sunny weather, except the month or two in winter when Floridians have to take their jackets and boots out of the closets, or the rainy hurricane season in the summer.

Because the weather is amazing most of the year, buildings and roads contructions goes all year long. Just look at this State Road 7 / US-441 roadway construction in Hollywood. The road construction started in the spring of 2014, and it is scheduled to finish in February of 2019.

“Once completed, US-441/State Road 7 in Hollywood will feature six traffic lanes, landscaped safety medians, dry retention areas for stormwater runoff, new lighting and sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and bus bays. […] will make US-441/State Road 7 much more visually appealing and safer for pedestrians, residents ,businesses, and motorists.”

I drive accross US-441 almost daily. It is nice to see the improvement progress. But this long construction process affects lots of businesses in the area: restaurants, retail stores, auto dealerships and other kind of businesses. It requires lots of patience from local businesses and residents. Because of road constructiont, trafic speed is slower, lanes are beeing redirected or “shifted”. Also there are a lot of people working of foot during the constructions, also plenty of big heavy machinery. So be very careful driving in the area.

I can’t wait to see the final results once the construction is done and over.