What Is Curb Appeal?

What is curb appeal
What is curb Appeal?

What is curb appeal? It is actually exterior appearance of the home. It is just some other way of saying first impression of the home.

When someone drives up and parks by the property, they make a first decision of how they feel about it. So homeowner needs to make sure that property looks great from the outside.  This includes the driveway, front yard, and home exterior, like paint color, door color, flower pots, even the welcoming mat at the front door. It also includes landscaping, light features, and architectural structures.

What people see around the exterior of the home is making a mental image of everything that happens next inside of the house. If people aren’t impressed by the way house looks from the street, there is a little chance they will like how the house looks inside. If buyers don’t like the exterior of the house, they make negative view of the house even before they walk inside.

As you can see, curb appeal is very important. First impression of the home can play an important role in successful sale of a house.