Historic Real Estate Sales

Historic Homes/Condos Sales in Broward County,FL
Historic homes/condos sales by year in Broward County, FL. Time frame is from Jan 2012 to Dec 2017. Results calculated from 213,587 listings


History repeats itself. I do not have a cristal ball to see what the future brings. But I  can always look what happened in the past and learn from it.

Here is some historic data of homes and condos sales in Broward County. As we can see from the information, the fastest growth of the numbers of the listings happens during months of February and March. It is based on sales numbers from the years 2012-2017.

It is middle of March today, exactly March 15th, so we could see less of new listings coming to the market. And for the next couple of months we could see new listings to plateau. Do you think it is better to be a homebuyer or homeseller in this market?

Data is used in the chart is extracted from local MLS of Palm Beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale, which is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

For more information about local real estate market, please see Local Market Conditions and Home Prices.