How to Plant an Orchid

How to plant an orchid. (1)

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time doing a little gardening.

I love flowers! And my favorite is an orchid. Last time I bought an orchid was about 3 month ago. This plant just dropped the last of its’ blooms, so it was time for re-planting.

If you have an orchid, take care of it. Re-plant this beautiful flower from time to time, so it can reward you with amazing blooms.

Re-plantting an orchid is easy.

The most important part in re-plantting are the special orchid pot and planting media.

Get a special pot with good side and bottom drainage. The new pot should be about  1 – 2 inches larger in diameter than the current pot.

Before starting, water the orchid plant well, so the roots get flexible. Gently pull the orchid out of pot and brush off the old potting media.

Cut away any dried, hardened roots with gardening scissors.

How to plant an orchid (2)

Lay down some planting mix into the bottom of the new pot- an inch or so. Place the orchid down into the pot. Add more orchid planting mix around the roots until it within half inch of the pot rim.

How to plant an orchid (3)

Place the pot down in the sink and run lukeward water to wet thoroughly the potting mix, so it and settles down. After watering the plant, add more planting media to fill in the gaps that have settled.

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Welcome to your new home, beautifull! I hope you like it here.

I can’t wait for the new blooms again.