Trim The Trees Before Hurricane Season

Broken tree branches
Broken tree branches after the hurricane Irma hit South Florida in 2017

After the hurricane Irma hit South Florida in 2017, we have learned what extensive damage can be from poorly maintained trees. Falling tree branches can damage the electric lines, cars or property.

New hurricane season starts soon. So it is the time to properly take care and trim the trees.

Broward County Parks and Recreation offers tree trimming classes. This tree-trimming course teaches how to proper prune of trees for clearance, wind tolerance, and canopy restoration. Tree trimming classes teaches how to maximize trees longevity while cutting the branches off.

Proper tree maintenance is very important.

In order to keep the tree strong and healthy, here are few tips to follow:

Plant the right tree in a right place.

A large tree should not be planted near the house. A tree should not be planted near or under power lines. It is the best to do some research and to choose the best native species for a spot- native plants are well-suited to its environment.

Prune tree annually.

Hire professionals trained in best tree pruning practices. Be very careful of hiring somebody who does not know proper tree trimming. Trees can become less storm tolerant in the long run if trimming s done incorectly. When branches break off the tree during the storm, it can cause property damage.