Location, Location, Location

Waterfront single family house
Waterfront single family house in Davie, FL

“Location. Location. Location” is a a popular statement that reinforses the location of a property in determining value of real estate.

Often it is said as, “The three most important considerations in real estate are location, location, location.”


As the home-owner you can make so many changes at the house:

You can change the landscaping around the house.

You can paint the walls different color.

You can remodel the bathroom inside the house and get a brand new shower instead of an old bathtub ( or get a tub instead of shower)

You can repaint the kitchen cabinets different color. You can get new kitchen appliances. Or you can just tear down old cabinets and get brand new ones.

Only one thing you can not change about the house- it is the location.


I believe location is the only thing the home-buyer has to decide very carefully on.

Once the homeowner lives in the house, it is possible to make many changes to the house itself. It is imposible to change location.

If you really do not like the neighborhood where the house is located, but love the house itself, be very careful making the decision wheather to buy or not to buy the house.