Painted Intersection Project in Fort Lauderdale

Painted intersection in Fort Lauderdale, FL ( E Las Olas Blvd & SE 3rd Av)
Painted intersection in Fort Lauderdale, FL ( E Las Olas Blvd & SE 3rd Av)

Fort Lauderdale is a great city. This city never sleeps. There is always something going on. There are lots of changes happening all the time.

I wrote already in my blog before about some things that I have noticed changing around and transforming this great city. I wrote about the new high-rise construction in downtown. In this blog post I wrote about outdoor art. Here I wrote about new colorful bike lanes paintings on Las Olas Bolevard. I wrote about Broward College Downtown Campus coming down.  When we combine all these little changes, we get big transformatiion of Fort Lauderdale as a whole.

There is another City of Fort Lauderdale project that I wanted to write about. Did you notice the colorful painted intersection at East Las Olas Boulevard and SE 3rd Avenue in Downtown Fort Lauderdale?


Why Was Street Pavement Painted?

Fort Lauderdale has started Connecting the Blocks Painted Intersection Project. It is first of its kind in the city and Broward County. This Painted Intersection Project should compliment “Fort Lauderdale’s identity as a fun, dynamic, pedestrian-friendly destination” also it should “help create a safer balance between cars and people”.


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