Rainy Season Starts Early

Rainy season started
It is flooding during the rainy season

The hurricane season starts soon. It is middle of May now, so we have a couple of weeks left till the season starts.

It is not the official rainy season, but we already see a lot of rain. There was no sun during the weekend, it was cloudy, windy. And it was raining nonstop.

According to National Hurricane Center, cloudiness, showers and thun.derstorms were extending over much of the Florida. The system would move slowly over the Florida. Regardless of cyclone formation, the system would cause the rainfall across some parts of Florida over the next few days.

Be carefull while driving in the rain, and do not forget to take an umbrella with you.

When we enjoy Florida sun, we tend to forget the rainy hurricane season. Please be ready and get supplies for hurricane.


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