Sale Price and List Price Ratios

List price and sold price ratio

What are sale prices and list priceratios for single family homes in Broward County, Florida?

Close price to list price ratio. Broward. Jan 2013-July 2018
Close price to list price ratio. Broward. Jan 2013-July 2018


Real estate is somewhat seasonal.

If you woud look at the chart above you can see very interesting information about Broward County, FL real estate. The chart I did using all the information I had gathered from MLS of the Palm beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale. These numbers are said to be reliable but are not guaranteed.

The chart shows the real etstate market from the period of January 2013 up untill July 2018. It is based on sales of 97,537 single family listings.

The green line in the chart shows the closed price to the list price ratio. You can see that during summer 2018 the ratio was the closest to 100% during this period. It was above 97.6%

The bigest discrepancy between closed and sold price was around the January 2015.  It was around 96.5%

If you look in more detail information, you will notice that around every January of each year, there is a close price and listing price ratio decrease. There are usually fewer homes around Christmas holidays. We usually notice the increasing number of the homes for sale after the holidays. If you look closely, you will notice the closed price and list price ratio is the highest during the summer months. Some of it has to do with people buying habits.

It is still a great time to sell.