First Day of Fall

First Day of Fall. Blog_denapoligroup by Brigita DeNapoli

Summer of 2017 is officially over. Today is Friday, September 22nd, and it is the last day of summer. Temperature will get colder and nights will get longer.

We my not feel the temperature change, but it is coming here. It is still hot here, in South Florida, during the day. The temperature is in high 80s and feels like in high 90s most of the days. But the fall is coming n matter what.

Today’s autumn equinox marks the last day of this summer and first day of fall for anyone in Northern Hemisphere. During the equinox , the day and night are the same length which is 12 hours each.

According to United States Naval Observatory (USNO), 2017 autumn equinox takes place on September 22 at 4:02 EDT. This US Navy website conveys precises astronomical data for defense, commercial and civilian applications.




Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day in United States of America is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September.

It is also called an “unofficial end of summer”, because it marks the end of summer.

Please enjoy this day if you can.


I searched online and found some old pictures about the workers:

Folding filling-folders. Taken 1917. Boston, MA. Lewis Hine, photographer
Folding filling-folders. Taken 1917. Boston, MA.                      Lewis Hine, photographer


Weavers at Work. 1910. Photographer-Byron, NY.
Weavers at Work. 1910. Photographer-Byron, NY.


Young Oyster Fishers. Apalachicola, Florida. 1909. Photo by Lewis Hine.
Young Oyster Fishers. Apalachicola, Florida. 1909. Photo by Lewis Hine.


Recessing Rings. 1915. Bain News Service, Publisher.
Recessing Rings. 1915. Bain News Service, Publisher.


Labor Day Celebration. Silverton, Colorado. 1940. Photo by Lee Russel
Labor Day Celebration. Silverton, Colorado. 1940. Photo by Lee Russel


These photos are from The Library of Congress on flickr, where you can find a lot of old photographs.

Florida’s Colleges Ranking 2017 According to Forbes

Florida's Colleges Ranking 2017, According to Forbes. _denapoligroup_
Nova Southeastern University is in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

According to annual FORBES America’s Top College rankings, the No.1 best college is Harvard University. I don’t think anyone is surprised with this. The No.2 is Stanford University. And No.3 is Yale University.

To view the full list for America’s Top Colleges 2017 here.

I took information from this list about the best colleges in Florida. Here is what I learned – that are 22 colleges in Florida that are on Forbes list for America’s Best College.

The best college in sunshine state is University of Florida, and it is No.80 on America’s Best College Rankings List. My alma mater Florida International University is No.450 on Forbes list.

Florida's Colleges Ranking 2017 According to Forbes. _denapoligroup_
Florida’s Colleges Ranking 2017 According to Forbes


Do college rankings really mean anything when picking which school to attend? What do you think?

It Keeps Raining in South Florida

Still Raining in South Florida.
Rainy season in South Florida

Now is the rainy season here in South Florida. The rain is coming down non stop for the last few days.

Flood watch continues across South Florida. As the rain continues, rising flood waters makes people worry.

When it rains like this right now, people should be very careful while driving. Do not drive or walk through standing water of unknown depth. If your car is close to the ground, be careful because your car might get flooded.

The heavy rain and flooding is common in South Florida during summer.  Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th. So during this period heavy rain is even expected. Rain and flood is a norm during this rainy season. Everyone has to be ready and prepared.

Even South Florida government is getting ready and prepares when the big rain is expected in the area. According to the article in current heavy rain

“could cause roadways to become impassable,” Miami meteorologist Larry Kelly said Thursday. “If canals and drainage ways become flooded, it could also allow for water to rise high enough to enter some structures, especially in low-lying areas.”
The South Florida Water Management District started preparing for the heavy rainfall over the weekend. On Sunday, it began to lower canal levels so incoming water would have a place to go. Pumps will run 24 hours during the rain event, the district said.”

Everyone should be careful when heavy rain comes to South Florida. Please be very focused when driving during the rain. And please don’t drive or walk through the standing water that you don’t known how deep it is.

Rainfall Across South Florida

Rainfall Across South Florida. 06_09_2017

Hurricane season goes from June 1st through November 30th.  We are only in the first week of June, but it is raining nonstop.

This extreme weather brought over 19 inches of rain over south Florida during the last seven days beginning with June 1st. Miami Herald reported that several areas had seen a record rainfalls.  Fort Lauderdale has seen 8.99 inches of rain, with a record 4.78 inches on Tuesday, breaking a 91-year record. The most rain had fallen in Weston-11.33″. Rain in Sunrise forced a closing of Sawgrass Mills Mall .

In Broward County, the most rain had fallen in these areas: Davie, Sunrise, Southwest Ranches, and Plantation.

In  Palm Beach County, the most rain and flooding was in West Boca and West Boynton.