IRS Gives Taxpayers an Extra-Day to File Taxes Due to Website Issues

Apartment Building in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Apartment building in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Interenal Revenue Service announced today that it was giving an extra day to file taxes for the year 2017. 

Tax due date was today, April 17th, 2018. The IRS said that taxpayers who were filing taxes and making payments on today Tuesday, April 17th, now had an extra day untill midnight Wednesday, April 18th, to file taxes.

For taxpayers who had waited till the last day today  to file taxes, there were issues: the IRS website was down today. System glitch made it imposible for taxpayers to pay taxes and file taxes. So IRS gave an extra-day to everybody.

Everybody got an additional day. There was no need to file any paperwork to get the extra-day to file taxes.


Two Extra Days to File Taxes This Year

Downtown Fort Lauderdale ( SE 3 Av. & Las Olas Blvd.). Fort Lauderdale, FL
Downtown Fort Lauderdale ( SE 3 Av. & Las Olas Blvd.). Fort Lauderdale, FL

Everyone is getting two (2) extra days to file taxes this year even without asking for extension.

Normally, April 15th is the deadline to file taxes with Internal Revenue Service (also called IRS). But this year we have up until April 17th to file taxes with IRS.

According to Internal Revenue Service website, there are two reasons when tax deadline changes this year:

  1. Tax deadline is April  15th, but this year it is Sunday, so it is moved to the next business day.
  2. April 16th is Emancipation Day in District in Columbia. It is legal holiday, so IRS moves tax filing to the next business day, which is Tuesday, April 17th.

Actually, last year tax deadline was also moved to April 17th for the same reasons like this year.


Please consult your CPA or accountant regarding your exact taxes.


How to Plant an Orchid

How to plant an orchid. (1)

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time doing a little gardening.

I love flowers! And my favorite is an orchid. Last time I bought an orchid was about 3 month ago. This plant just dropped the last of its’ blooms, so it was time for re-planting.

If you have an orchid, take care of it. Re-plant this beautiful flower from time to time, so it can reward you with amazing blooms.

Re-plantting an orchid is easy.

The most important part in re-plantting are the special orchid pot and planting media.

Get a special pot with good side and bottom drainage. The new pot should be about  1 – 2 inches larger in diameter than the current pot.

Before starting, water the orchid plant well, so the roots get flexible. Gently pull the orchid out of pot and brush off the old potting media.

Cut away any dried, hardened roots with gardening scissors.

How to plant an orchid (2)

Lay down some planting mix into the bottom of the new pot- an inch or so. Place the orchid down into the pot. Add more orchid planting mix around the roots until it within half inch of the pot rim.

How to plant an orchid (3)

Place the pot down in the sink and run lukeward water to wet thoroughly the potting mix, so it and settles down. After watering the plant, add more planting media to fill in the gaps that have settled.

How to plant an orchid (4)

Welcome to your new home, beautifull! I hope you like it here.

I can’t wait for the new blooms again.

Spring Break

Sign. Caution-Kids.
Sign “Caution-Kids” on the driveway of the house in Hollywood,FL

Spring break is coming to Broward County Public Schools District.

The official days for spring break are from March 26th till March 30th.

But today is March 22nd, 2018 and classes at school ends at noon. Tommorrow, March 23rd is intended for employee planning, so no school for students. Last day for spring break is March 30th, which is Friday. So add two more days , Saturday and Sunday, for the days off school count. Classes at school starts again on Monday, April 2nd.

It is a nice and long spring break for children. Early release is today, March 22nd, at noon. Kids have to go back to classes on April 2nd.

If you would like Broward County Public Schools calendar for school year 2017-2018, you can find a copy 2017-18-School-Calendar-Color 



The First Day of Spring

Flowering tree.


The spring equinox ( also called March Equinox) happens today, which is Tuesday, March 20th, 2018. It also means astronomical first day of spring in Northen Hemisphere.

What is equinox? Word equinox comes from Latin words, which actually mean “equal nights” – eaquus (equal) and nox (night).

The days will be longer, the sunset will be later and the weather will be warmer. Summer is comming.

There are only two equinoxes a year: spring equinox and fall equinox.

This year fall equinox fall on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018.

To take advantage of earlier dawns and later sunsets, we also turn the clocks two times a year. Just recently, on March 11th, 2018, we turned the clock one hour forward , so we can enjoy even longer summer days.

Have a great spring season!