Walking Mural Tour in Hollywood

Mural in Hollywood,FL
Mural at 2039 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL

If you like arts, don’t forget that downtown Hollywood has lots of murals painted. You can take a guided tour every third Saturday, or go check out those murals yourself with a help of map and marked locations of painted art.

Nicole Salcedo is a first generation Cuban American, born and raised in Miami, Florida.  Her plant based drawings and paintings – known as “junglevision” – creates playful and more approachable jungle landscape. Turning a dense jungle into a fun landscape changes this “wilderness” into an inviting place.

Fall Festival on Halloween


It was a fun family friendly event at St. Andrews Park Road Presbyterian Church in Hollywood. There was no need to be a member of this chuch, because anyone could have joined for some fun and games. And the best part- it was FREE!

There was fun for everyone-games, face painting, bounce houses, basketball, slides, climbing wall. And lets not to forget- plenty of candy!

I hope to see you there next year.

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Johnson Street Utility Improvement Project in Hollywood

Johnson Street in Hollywood,FL

While living in South Florida, we do enjoy nice weather all year round. But we have to accept another fact that comes with it – because of the great weather, people can work outside all year round. That includes road construction work. Yes. Road construction here, South Florida, is happening all year round.

Johnson Street Utility Improvement Project is on the way in Hollywood, FL.

While driving through construction area, remember the people working on the road and be very cautious. The street work is temporally, and once it is done, the ride will on a newly paved street be nice and smooth.

Be patient. Traffic and bumps on the road are just temporally.

Guitar Shaped Hotel in Hollywood, FL

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion (1)copy

The guitar shaped hotel is going up at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL.

It will soon be one of the world’s recognizable landmarks.

I have wrote few blog post already about this Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino expansion here and here .

This 450 foot st.ructure is under construction as part of 1.5 billion expansion as part of Seminole Hard Rock Hottel And Casino.

The expansion will include a casino with 3,267 slop machines. 178 table games and redesigned and rebuild Hard Rock Live with a 7,000 seat theather styled configuration.

New 18,000 square foot poker room. 60,000 square feet of new retail and restaurant space.

The expansion will include additional 806 guest rooms and suites, as well as lounges, business center and 40,000 square feet spa.

10 acre pool complex with private villas, surrounded by water. There will be waterfalls too.

The expansion is set to open mid 2019 just before Super Bowl Liv 2020 will be hosted here in South Florida in February 2020.

Here are some more pictures from the hotel expansion:

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion (2)copy

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion (3)copy

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion (4)copy

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion (5)copy

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion (6)copy

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Expansion (7)copy


Mural Tour in Downtown Hollywood

Mural Downtown Hollywood,FL- Yuhmi Collective,115 North 21 Ave,Hollywood,FL
Mural Downtown Hollywood,FL- Yuhmi Collective,115 North 21 Ave,Hollywood,FL

If you ever come to Downtown Hollywood, FL then you can notice beautiful murals all around the downtown area.

I wrote already in my blog about the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project . There I have talked about the big sunset mural painted by TM Sisters on a public parking garage in downtown Hollywood.

Yuhmi Collective

Lets look into another outdoor mural that is part of this walking mural tour. The picture above is of the mural located at 115 North 21st Avenue, Hollywood, FL. It is painted by Yuhmi Collective. Yuhmi Collective is a husband and wife artists working together. Michelle is a Cuban-Colombian Miami native and Victor is from Mexico. They work together and paint animated portraits of paradise dreams, air, land and sea.

This husband and wife team works by mixing traditional and contemporary influences. “A Floating World” capture in an abstract time.

“We were really captured by Joseph Young’s vision “Dream City” and the founding story of how ‘Hollywood by the Sea’ was created and transformed throughout the years.” — Yuhmi Collective